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About Swiss Apprenticeships

Swiss Apprenticeships is a member of the Schweizer Institut für Hochschulbildung in Management und Innovation (MI Swiss). An apprenticeship is a work-based training program combined with academic qualifications awarded after demonstrating competency based on the national framework. Participants will have their skills converted into an academic qualification.

Apprenticeships are seen as advanced, practical, and effective training models because they allow the application of knowledge in the workplace without the need to leave current employment or spend excessive time in traditional classroom settings.

With the exclusive S.T.E.P. model, learners are systematically guided to compare lectures with real-life scenarios, learn how to maintain work logs, demonstrate competencies, and complete assignments as required.

Apprenticeships are recognized throughout Europe as an official training model, regulated by laws and implemented in many countries and territories. Alongside APEL.Q apprenticeships are also an important model for lifelong learning.

Benefit of Swiss Apprenticeships

Students will study with the Swiss Made program of SIMI Swiss and apply what they learn directly in their workplace.

Students receive a minimum 80% tuition subsidy. Upon completion, graduates receive dual qualifications from European universities, with full accreditation and credibility checks.

S.T.E.P Model

1. Self-study 70%
2. Training 80%
3. Evidences 90%
4. Projects 100%

0180% Financial Aid

Students get a minimum 80% tuition fee support and receive a qualification from a prestigious European university.

02Multi Qualifications

Due to the program's recognition, learners can earn multiple degrees after graduating from Swiss Apprenticeships.

03Learn from workplace

The program applies the exclusive S.T.E.P model to help acquire knowledge without having to study abroad.

04On-site application

All knowledge learned is immediately applied in the workplace with the guidance of a teaching assistant.
Implemented by

MI Swiss

Schweizer Institut für Hochschulbildung in Management und Innovation (MI Swiss)
Training in accordance with the competency framework.
Guidance on writing work logs and demonstrating competency.
Acting as the competency evaluator, we transfer credits to our university partner for degree awarding.
Bachelor of Business Administration

Bachelor of Business Administration

BBA and BSc in Organization from Switzerland and France

Bachelor of Business Administration

Master of Business Administration

Master of Business Administration

MBA and MSc in Organization from France and Croatia

Master of Business Administration

Master of Human Resource Management

Master of Human Resource Management

MBA and MA in HR from France and Croatia

Master of Human Resource Management

Master of Education Management

Master of Education Management

MBA and MSc in Education from France and Croatia

Master of Education Management

PartnerRecognition and Qualifications

The partner universities participate in the APEL assessment and qualifications awarding process

Apprenticeships StandardsStandards

The entire process and standards for implementing the Apprenticeship are advised by the London Academy of Sciences, United Kingdom, and comply with the apprenticeship standards issued by the government of the United Kingdom.

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