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Apprenticeship is a workplace training model that accumulates competencies for recognition and degree conferment from partner universities. The program is supported with a minimum of 90% fee reduction compared to studying in Europe.

85% Fee Subsidy

Students receive a minimum of 85% fee support and obtain a degree from reputable European universities.

Receive two Master's degrees

Receive two independent Master's degrees from partner universities in Switzerland, France, and Croatia.

Learn on the job

"The program applies the exclusive S.T.E.P model, allowing knowledge acquisition without the need for overseas study.

Apply Immediately

Apply all the knowledge learned directly in the workplace with guidance from experts.

Differences of LAS ApprenticeshipDifferences from traditional education.Careers

Apprenticeship is considered an effective, practical, and rapid training model as it focuses on competency frameworks for each position based on the European national competency framework. After meeting competency requirements, candidates will be awarded a degree from the partner university.
Learning at the workplace
Immediate application for the job
Writing a work-log instead of completing assignments
Competency assessment instead of traditional exams
Self-arrange completion schedule
Fast-track completion time
Comprehensive evaluation criteria
Utilizing accumulated competencies
Eligible for a minimum of 85% financial support
Dual degrees from Europe
Prove competencies directly at the workplace
Receive practical training from local experts

MI Swiss is one of the first organization to implement the Apprenticeships model Switzerland, with competency results recognized by partner universities

The entire Apprenticeship process is validated
ASIC UK & HEAD Germany


The process complies with the EU Framework for Effective and Quality Apprenticeship.


All assessment standards adhere to the competency framework of the UK government.

Dual Degrees

Candidates receive a dual degree from reputable universities in Switzerland, France, and Croatia.

Swiss Made

MI Swiss pioneers apprenticeship programs in Switzerland, fully recognized by university partners.