Quality Policy

Assessment standards according to the vocational competency framework of the UK government and the procedures for Apprenticeships are applied based on the 'Recommendation on a European Framework for Quality and Effective Apprenticeships' by the European Union."

Evaluation StandardsNational Competency FrameworkUK

The entire competency framework used to assess the outcomes of the Apprenticeship is advised by the London Academy of Sciences. It applies a competency framework for each position, aligning with the Apprenticeship standards issued by the UK government.

UK National Competency Framework

The entire competency framework for evaluation is issued by the UK government.


Practical Training

A local competency training system helps transform lectures into practical skills.


Recognition & Qualifications awarded

The entire Apprenticeship process is recognized by reputable universities across Europe.
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European Union Quality Assurance Standards for Apprenticeships

Swiss Apprenticeships, implemented globally by the MI Swiss, complies with the European Union’s 14 quality principles required for an independent and recognized Apprenticeship program.

Ensuring information and agreements before starting
Ensuring output competencies meet and align
Academic support and teaching assistants from the local community
Integration of work and learning
Support from business owners
No alteration in income at the workplace
Ensuring safety during the Apprenticeships stage
Criteria evaluated by the UK government
Ensuring applicable output competencies at the workplace
Using exercises to improve job performance
Diverse and flexible learning pathways and receiving qualifications
Knowledge support during the execution of Work-based Projects
Agreement on disclaimers
Post-graduation monitoring and support activities

Recognized and qualifications awarded by

Swiss Apprenticeships are recognized and accredited by European universities and granting qualifications upon completion:
Swiss Information and Management Institute
VERN University, Croatia
Swiss Institute of Management and Sciences
University of Information Technology and Management, Poland
Horizons University, Paris France

Unlike traditional education, Apprenticeship is a competency training program conducted in the workplace and converted into degrees by partner universities.

Dr. Reza
Chancellor of Paris-U

Exclusive from Apprenticeships SwitzerlandS.T.E.P ModelServices

The S.T.E.P model applied to Apprenticeship helps learners systematically transform theory into practical skills, demonstrable to institutions and universities.


Self-paced learning with video lectures by international instructors and academic support from MI Swiss.

Training Competency

Learners participate in practical competency training sessions led by industry experts and discover ways to apply their skills.


Compilation of evidence to demonstrate competency aligned with the European National Competency Framework.


Execution of applied competency projects within the business environment with expert guidance.


To safeguard learner rights, ensure transparency in information, and comply with legal regulations and international conventions, please carefully review information before submitting an Apprenticeship application.