BBA Final Year Apprenticeship SIMI

BBA qualifications from the Université Libérale de Paris and SIMI Swiss
Dual Degrees

BBA from Paris-U
BSc in Organization from SIMI SwissApprenticeship

The Apprenticeship BBA program enables students to learn and apply immediately in the workplace, accumulate practical skills, and convert them into dual degrees from Switzerland and France.


Degrees are accredited by France and Switzerland.

Fee Subsidy

A minimum of 90% of fee subsidy helps overcome cost barriers.

Independent Bachelor's Qualifications

Receive independent BBA and BSOM Degrees from France and Switzerland.

Apprenticeship GermanyProgram's Benefits

Learn and apply immediately in the workplace.

Apprenticeship is a training and on-the-job application model where students learn the entire program online combined with competency training from experts. After achieving competency standards according to the framework issued by the European government, candidates are awarded the equivalent Master’s degree.

The Apprenticeship BBA program does not follow traditional classroom and exam methods. Instead, it adopts a competency-based approach where students demonstrate their applied skills in their actual work, guided by local training experts.

Upon completing the entire competency framework issued by the European government, candidates are recognized at Level 6 (Bachelor Level) and awarded a dual degree – BBA from VERN’ University Croatia and a Bachelor of Science in Organization (BSc in Organization) from SIMI University Switzerland.

Recognized and fully accredited

The program is implemented with the London School of Health and Wellness (LSHW) and SIMI University Switzerland. Both organizations are accredited and recognized reputable institutions:

  • To obtain more information about the accreditation and recognition of SIMI University Switzerland, please refer to HERE.
2 independent Bachelor's degrees from France and Switzerland.

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program is a dual-qualification program. After graduation, students receive:

  1. Bachelor of Business Administration qualification from the Liberal University of Paris.
  2. Bachelor of Science in Organization Management (BSc in Organization Management) qualification from SIMI University Switzerland.
85% Fee Subsidy.

The program provides an 85% tuition fee support compared to dual-degree programs in Europe.

Competency training by experts.

The Apprenticeship program adopts the exclusive S.T.E.P model with a competency framework issued by the European government. In this model, students will learn online with lectures and videos from foreign instructors, demonstrating the application of knowledge in their own job positions.

To guide and accompany students in applying their competencies, they receive competency training from local experts.

Optional additional training by local coaching experts ensures that students maintain their academic knowledge from online lectures and enhance their practical application skills in the workplace.

Exclusive academic support.

The local academic support system helps Apprenticeship students overcome challenges during direct learning with partner universities:

  • Companion English support throughout the Apprenticeship process.
  • Assistant instructors provide evidence and assess competency.

Exclusive S.T.E.P ModelDetailed Training Content

Self Study: Learning with Videos and Lectures.

Students self-study with lectures and videos featuring 100% foreign instructors. The courses include:

  • Leadership and People Management (20 credits)
  • Business Research Project (20 credits)
  • Operations Management (20 credits)
  • Financial Decision Making (20 credits)
  • Sustainable Business Practices (20 credits)
  • Strategic Human Resource Management (20 credits)
Training - Capability Development by Experts

Students receive additional local competency training for each course.

Competency training helps students understand the lecture content and learn how to apply these skills directly in their workplace.

Training topics include:

  • Research and Academic Writing
  • Business Environment
  • Introduction to Business Communication
  • Introduction to Quantitative Methods
  • Introduction to Business Functions
  • Introduction to Finance
  • Human Resource Management
  • Project Management
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Accounting for Managers
  • Business Law
  • Business Ethics
  • Leadership and People Management
  • Business Research Project
  • Operations Management
  • Financial Decision Making
  • Sustainable Business Practices
  • Strategic Human Resource Management
Evidences - Applied Evidence

Students complete self-assessment exercises, quizzes, and practical assignments applying knowledge to the workplace. Guidance is provided for students to present evidence demonstrating their mastery of the material and its application in the workplace.

Capstone Project

Apprenticeship BBA students are guided to develop their graduation application projects.

  • Work-based Capstone Projects (30 ECTS credits)
  • Work-based Capstone Projects Presentation.

Degrees ReceivedBBA from Paris-U and BSc in Organization from SIMI Swiss

Bachelor of Business Administration from Université Libérale de Paris

After completing the Apprenticeship BBA program, students receive a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Université Libérale de Paris.

Université Libérale de Paris (Paris-U) is the first liberal university dedicated to postgraduate education, with accreditations at both institutional and program levels. Learn more HERE.

Bachelor of Organizational Management degree from SIMI Swiss

After completing the Apprenticeship BBA program, students receive a Bachelor of Organizational Management degree from SIMI Swiss University.

SIMI Swiss is the first university in Zug, Switzerland, with accreditation and recognition at both institutional and program levels. Learn more HERE.

Consular Legalization

Certifications & Apostilles is the process by which The Cantonal Chancellery certifies original public documents of the Canton of Zug (where SIMI Swiss is authorized and licensed), thus validating them for use abroad. The process solely verifies the authenticity of the diploma, confirming its origin from the Swiss Institute of Management and Innovation, and ensures the genuine signature of the chancellor/dean.

Below is an example of the Certification by Notary Public and confirm from Chancellor of State:

Ensure Rights and Transparent InformationDisclaimer

General Information and Note.
  • Apprenticeship is not a traditional educational program; it combines training, application, and competency assessment. It is not a study-abroad or full-time program.
  • Apprenticeship students are only recognized upon demonstrating competence according to the vocational competency framework designated for each position and qualification.
  • Local training programs do not confer Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees; they focus on skill development aligned with the competency framework, converting and recognizing skills into qualifications.
  • The program is taught entirely in English. Competency training can be conducted in other languages to optimize practical skills.
  • Qualifications granted upon completion of the Apprenticeship program fall under private university qualifications. Partner university qualifications are not part of the public education system, are not government-affiliated, and do not receive government funding.
  • Students apply directly to the partner universities.
  • There are no local instructors involved in teaching. Local activities involve competency training, assessment, and academic support.
  • All support activities by the partner in Asia are supplementary and not a replacement for the original program. They do not interfere with the integrity of the program or its outcomes and do not hold authority over the partner university’s regulations.
  • Fee support policies and scholarships (if any) and information provided may change or terminate without prior notice.
Disclaimer Details.
  • The partner universities, EEH and local partners do not guarantee that enrollment will lead to graduation and obtaining a qualification. Partner universities only award qualifications and recognize academic achievements if students meet all
    academic requirements, financial regulations, study discipline, and other stipulations
  • In the event of violations, including unauthorized absences, discontinuation of the program, or financial obligations, partner universities, EEH and local partners reserve the right to refuse admission, withhold support, revoke student status, and not refund fees or tuition.
  • EEH, partner universities and local partners do not guarantee that qualifications will be accepted, recognized, or accredited by third parties, such as governmental bodies, local authorities, or professional organizations. Acceptance depends on the discretion of the receiving institution and is subject to the regulations of each country, government, locality, and unit.
  • EEH, partner universities and local partners do not guarantee that learners will experience salary increases, promotions, career advancements, or new job placements after graduation.
  • Despite the various regulations regarding cross-recognition and equivalence of qualifications,
    each country, organization, or unit has the right to recognize and accept qualifications on
    their terms. EEH, partner universities and local partners do not guarantee, commit to, or promise the recognition of qualifications, certificates, certifications, transcripts, etc., issued by EEH and its partners during usage. EEH and its partners also do not ensure or support the process of obtaining equivalent degree recognition (if applicable).
  • EEH and its partners do not guarantee or commit that students will have opportunities for residency, employment abroad, work permits, teaching licenses, or expert permits in France and/or Europe, or any other country
  • While EEH, partner universities and local partners provide maximum support, they do not guarantee that students will achieve a 100% success rate for study visas (in the case of fulltime studies) or European visas (for participation in graduation ceremonies in France and/or Europe) if the students do not meet the requirements of the respective country and the competent authorities responsible for immigration and mobility rights.

85% Fee SubsidyBachelor's Degree Tuition FeePayment

Bachelor of Organizational Management
SIMI Swiss
Bachelor of Organizational Management
  • Registration Fee: CHF400
  • Tuition Fee: CHF52,500
  • Local Support: N/A
  • Ebooks: CHF3,000
  • Tutor for Each Course: N/A
  • Work-based Project Board: CHF4,000
Bachelor of Business Administration
Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Registration Fee: €250
  • Tuition Fee: €12,000
  • Local Support: €1,000
  • Ebooks: €2,000
  • Tutor for Each Course: €1,500
  • Capstone Projects Guidance: €500
Trợ phí: 85%
Việt Nam
Trợ phí: 85%
  • Phí đăng ký: €200
  • Học phí: €,900
  • Hỗ trợ địa phương: €0
  • Ebooks: €0
  • Huấn luyện năng lực cho từng môn: €0
  • Hướng dẫn Capstone Projects: €0

PartnersRecognition and Award

With assessment standards recognized by governments, upon meeting the required competencies of the Apprenticeship program, students will be awarded the degree by the partner university.

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